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In this blog post, we will explore how Chat GPT can revolutionize your SEO efforts and help you optimize your website for search engines. With the power of prompt engineering, you can create high-quality, SEO-friendly content in a fraction of the time. We will cover topics such as mastering SEO pillar one, creating a topical map, generating blog post ideas, and optimizing your money pages. Let’s dive in!

Mastering SEO Pillar One: Topic Authority

One of the key factors in ranking your website on search engines is establishing yourself as an authority in your niche or industry. Simply optimizing individual pages and blog posts is not enough to gain the recognition you need from Google. To become a topical authority, it is crucial to cover all the important aspects of your niche with good quality content.

Creating a Topical Map

A topical map is a comprehensive list of topics and posts that cover your niche in-depth. By using Chat GPT, you can easily create a detailed topical map for your business. To generate a topical map, use the following prompt:

“Help me come up with a topical map for my blog that is the best chance of helping me rank for long-tail keywords specific to my industry.”

Replace “my industry” with your niche or industry. Additionally, provide clickbait-style titles for each topic and prioritize transactional intent topics. Transactional intent topics are more likely to convert visitors into customers. Make sure to avoid duplicating keyword phrases to prevent cannibalizing your articles.

Example Topical Map for Cosmetic Surgery:

  1. 10 Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About Cosmetic Surgery
  2. Unlock Your Youthful Confidence: 5 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men
  3. Why These 10 Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Transformations Are Shocking
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon
  5. How to Prepare for a Successful Cosmetic Surgery Procedure
  6. Recovering from Cosmetic Surgery: Tips for a Smooth Healing Process
  7. The Pros and Cons of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures
  8. Enhancing Your Natural Beauty: Exploring Cosmetic Surgery Options
  9. Myth vs. Reality: Debunking Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Surgery
  10. Choosing the Right Cosmetic Procedure for Your Desired Results

Once you have your topical map, you can start creating the blog posts.

Generating Blog Post Ideas

With the help of Chat GPT, you can easily generate blog post ideas based on your topical map. Use the following prompt to generate a blog post outline:

“Create an outline for an article titled ‘Cosmetic Surgery for Men: Top Five Procedures for a More Confident You.'”

Specify that Chat GPT should act as an experienced cosmetic surgeon specializing in men’s procedures and target a specific demographic, such as men over the age of 50. This personalized approach will ensure that the content resonates with your target audience.

After receiving the outline, you can make any necessary tweaks and additions to ensure it aligns with your desired tone and structure. Consider adding personal anecdotes or stories to make the content more engaging and relatable.

Once you have the outline, you can proceed to write the article using Chat GPT. Ask Chat GPT to generate the content in a casual, helpful tone. Replace any sections that don’t align with your preferences or add your own insights and experiences to make the content truly unique.

Optimizing Your Money Pages

In addition to creating blog posts, it is essential to optimize your money pages to rank higher in search results. Money pages include your homepage, service pages, and sales pages.

To ensure your money pages are properly optimized, run the page content through Chat GPT using the following prompt:

“Is this page properly optimized for the search term ‘Hair Restoration Chicago’? Does it include enough semantically related terms to provide a thorough understanding?”

Chat GPT will analyze the content and suggest any necessary changes or additions. Make sure the content reads naturally and makes perfect sense while incorporating semantically related terms. These additional terms will help Google understand the context and relevance of your page.

For your pricing page, which is often overlooked in terms of SEO, you can follow the same process. Run the content through Chat GPT and ask if it is fully optimized for the target keyword. This will ensure that even your pricing page ranks well and attracts potential customers.


By mastering prompt engineering with Chat GPT, you can take your SEO efforts to new heights. Create a comprehensive topical map, generate blog post ideas, and optimize your money pages with ease. Remember to personalize the content, add your own insights, and conduct a final SEO reality check.

With Chat GPT as your SEO companion, you can unlock your website’s true potential and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Justin Kerbo
Justin Kerbo is a Digital Marketer specializing in creating advanced WordPress websites, eCommerce Solutions and Search Engine Optimization.


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