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Our Top 5 Sources of Inspiration for Creating Clean and Interactive Web Designs

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Creating clean and smooth interactive websites that are highly interactive can be a challenging task. However, there are several resources available that can provide inspiration for these kinds of websites. In this blog, we will explore some of the best resources that I personally use for my web projects. I will explain how these resources can be utilized and why they are valuable. So, let’s dive in!

1. Minimal.Gallery

Inspiration for Minimalistic Designs

If you love clean and minimalist designs, the Minimal Gallery is the perfect source of inspiration for you. It features an endless gallery of minimal websites from different industries. Although you cannot filter them by industries or UI elements, it still remains a solid resource for minimalistic designs.

2. DarkModeDesign.com

Inspiration for Dark Mode Websites

Dark mode websites are gaining popularity, and if you are into designing and developing them, DarkModeDesign.com is the perfect resource for you. It offers a collection of dark mode websites from various businesses, including fashion and tech startups. You can find inspiration and ideas specifically tailored for dark mode designs.

3. Awwwards.com

Top Tier Inspiration with Awwwards.com

Awwwards.com is a favorite among designers and developers. It offers a diverse range of well-designed and developed websites. Whether you are looking for inspiration for a specific type of business or UI elements like accordions, menu navigation, and scroll interactions, you can find everything here. Additionally, Awards.com provides case studies and blogs that offer valuable insights into the design and development processes of certain websites.

4. Refero.Design

The Power of Refero.Design

Refero.Design is a well-established resource that provides excellent user experience. It showcases UX elements and websites from renowned brands, making it a great source of inspiration for business-oriented projects. If you are looking for nice-looking UI and UX designs used by big companies and startups, Referral.Design is the perfect platform for design research.

5. StackSorted

Discovering StackSorted for Interactive UI Elements

StackSorted is a hidden gem that focuses on highly interactive UI elements. It not only provides inspiration for design but also serves as a fantastic resource to practice development skills. The website is regularly updated with new UI elements, offering a continuous stream of fresh ideas for various categories.

Physical Resources for Inspiration

While digital resources are abundant, physical resources like magazines can also be a great source of inspiration. Magazines found in bookstores, clothing stores, or shopping malls can provide valuable insights into color schemes and layout designs. Uniqlo’s magazine, for example, offers great type layouts and colors that can be referenced for web projects.

Using Inspirational Websites for Your Own Unique Design

Gathering resources is just the first step in your web design project. The most important part is how you use these inspirations to create your own unique website. Creating a mood board from the collected inspirations can help establish the general style of your website. Additionally, evaluating the navigation and information accessibility of the inspirational websites can provide insights for improving the user experience of your project. Analyzing colors, layouts, and user flows are also essential steps in the design process.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s important to remember that you don’t need an overwhelming number of resources for web inspiration. Creativity is subtraction. It is better to have one or two reliable go-to resources that you can bounce between. Behance and Dribbble might be popular platforms, but they can often be overwhelming and difficult to find specific inspiration. Refero.Design and Awwwards.com, on the other hand, are more practical choices as they represent real-world usage.


In conclusion, creating clean and interactive websites is made easier with the help of various resources. The Minimal Gallery and DarkModeDesign.com offer inspiration for minimalistic and dark mode designs, respectively. Awwwards.com provides top-tier inspiration with well-designed and diverse websites, along with insightful case studies.

If you are looking for business-oriented UI and UX inspiration, Refero.Design is a valuable resource. Lastly, StackSorted offers interactive UI elements for both design inspiration and development practice. Remember, the key is not to overwhelm yourself with resources but to focus on quality over quantity. By utilizing these resources effectively, you can create your own unique website that stands out.

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